Photographer and filmmaker specialising in commercial and editorial portrait photography for creative agencies, brands, musicians and corporate industries.

I am based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, working nationwide in the UK.

I make work using digital technology and analogue film.

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In the recording studio with The Dodge Brothers

Over the summer I made some documentary images in the recording studio with The Dodge Brothers, purveyors of incendiary skiffle and silent movie accompaniment. I have photographed the Dodge Brothers both live and for press many times over the last 10 years. In June, they kindly invited me to visit the studio where they were [...]

Dubai on 35mm with the Nikon L35AF2

This summer we had a trip planned to visit family in the Middle East. It was the hottest and dustiest time of year to travel and I didn't really want to take a fancy camera with me. I also didn't want to spend our time there seeing the place through an LCD screen so I [...]

New Work – EP Artwork for Dutch Criminal Record

Following my previous post, here is the EP artwork for Dutch Criminal Record to accompany the music video for Waiting on the Weekend. We photographed the image set on a sunny summers day at a pool that was drained for cleaning. It was extremely hot and bright with the reflection from the tiling. The images [...]

New Work – Music Video for Dutch Criminal Record

In this post I'm going to talk about shooting the music video for the title track on Dutch Criminal Records EP, Waiting on the Weekend. I'd been working with the guys from Dutch Criminal Record for a while shooting stills for press and EP artwork (that's for another post) when they came to me looking to [...]


Digital Is Great, Analogue Rocks! – Some of the cameras, lights and other tools used on a typical shoot.


Adam, my favourite shutterbug,
I don’t look this good!


Mark Kermode

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Music Video for Dutch Criminal Record

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