This is an example of my core essentials on most shoots. There are countless bits of hardware that expand the kit depending on the project and many items are hired on an assignment-dependent basis. All work is assessed pre-shoot and an appropriate kit list compiled including any specialist hire items.

Digital Cameras

I use Nikon D750 full frame camera bodies for still shoots and small-sized video production. They’re small, lightweight and produce outstanding files with brilliant dynamic range from the 24 megapixel sensor. Plus, I get to use so many awesome Nikkor lenses from vintage primes to top of the line modern zooms.

Bags & Cases

Rolling is the only way with heavy cameras, lights and stands. I use a combo of Manfrotto and Calumet cases with Billingham’s Hadley Pro as a walkaround bag.

Analogue Cameras

My current setup for shooting film consists of a legendary, Italian designed 35mm Nikon F3/T and a beautiful Rolleiflex 2.8D with the Carl Zeiss Planar lens for medium format. Film has beautiful, natural tones and I love the slower, purposeful process of shooting manual cameras.


Manfrotto tripods and heads for keeping the camera stable on still shoots and smooth panning when capturing video action.


For on-location portraiture and small-sized video production work I use an assortment of Bowens flash heads and Arri continuous lights. When required to travel super lean, I have a batch of speedlights so that I can light portraits absolutely anywhere when the ambient light isn’t on form.


Sandisk Extreme Memory Cards are my go-to capture/storage solution kept nice and safe in a watertight, shock proof Peli case.