This is just some of the gear that will be with me on a typical job along with a host of ancillary items that make for a well prepared and executed shoot.

For larger productions or shoots with special requirements, I work with excellent rental houses and studios that supply some fabulous equipment from cinema cameras and glass to industry-leading HMI and LED lighting from Arri.

Digital Cameras

I am an owner/operator of the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro G2 Cinema Camera. Wonderful colour science and ergonomics with up to 4.6k resolution across all flavours of prores and BRAW. I use Nikon D750 full frame camera bodies for still shoots and small-sized video production.

Analogue Cameras

My current setup for shooting film consists of a legendary, Italian designed 35mm Nikon F3/T, Mamiya RZ67 and a beautiful Rolleiflex 2.8D with the Carl Zeiss Planar lens for medium format. Film has beautiful, natural tones and I love the slower, purposeful process of shooting manual cameras.


Manfrotto tripods heads and clamps keep the camera stable on still shoots and offer smooth panning when capturing video action. I use Avenger C Stands for getting lights in the sweet spot while keeping things rock steady and Doughty frames for light diffusion and modifying. Additionally, I will throw in super clamps, magic arms, safety cables, pony clamps, and sandbags to keep things where they should be.

Photography Lighting

I use an assortment of Bowens flash heads and the Godox AD600 battery powered strobe head. Used in conjunction with Photek softlighters the quality of light is fantastic for studio or environmental portraiture. When traveling super lean I have a selection of speedlights that allow me to shoot anywhere when the ambient light isn’t on form.

Film Lighting

For video production and cinematic lighting, I use an Arri 1K fresnel and also have three 800w Arri Redheads. These combined with Lee diffusion and filters can yield some really beautiful images. In addition, I use the super versatile Falcon Eyes Bi-Colour Roll Flex LED Panels which are really light-weight, portable yet powerful fixtures.

Additional Kit

Rolling is the only way with heavy cameras, lights, and stands. I use a combo of Manfrotto and Pelican cases. Nice to have items on some shoots include the fabulous DJI Ronin M for silky smooth steady motion and the DJI Phantom 3 Pro for gorgeous aerials. For data capture, I use Angelbird C Fast Cards, Sandisk Extreme Pro SD Cards and Lacie Rugged Drives for backups and data transport as well as cloud backups.