New TV Commercial For Bought By Many

January 5, 2022

A new TV Commercial went live over the Christmas break for Bought By Many Pet Insurance. Directed by Tom Andrews and Produced by IAMJACK, this was a fun project spanning five days, covering two TV ads, TV bumpers plus social content.

Who doesn’t love cute cats and dogs!? The crew had a great time with the animals running around the fabulous set designed and built by George Lewin Studio.

For this spot we used a Blackmagic Ursa G2 paired with rental house, VMI’s Leica Summicron C lenses. We wanted a crisp, clean and elegant look when considering the rendering of the animals fur as well has options for high speed. We paired the lenses with mostly Tiffen 1/4 Glimmer Glass diffusion to gently add a lustre to the animals coat, soften skin and take the digital edge off of the sensor.

The lighting for the shoot was provided by Panalux and designed with my Gaffer, Andy Cahill, around having two 4X Litemats rigged over each set room on a 12′ by 4′ frame. This allowed for us to separate them slightly so we could kill one if we needed to isolate zones of the room. These Litemats were to provide ambient room tone but the frame was skirted to keep contrast on the walls and the panels were diffused with 216 which was swagged inside the frame on each lamp to create a lantern-like fixture.

We used 2.5k hmi fresnels through the window as our warm sunlight to give us some shape on the back of the set. A skypanel s60 with octabox was used to wrap talent in the room and softened further with a 4x frame of 250 or 251 diffusion. We also used Tweenies to motivate the practical lamps giving us edge lights on furniture and hair light where desired. Dedos also added some interest and texture on the kitchen walls.

We were fortunate to have photographer Elle McCue capture these great behind the scenes moments.

As ever, huge thanks to our frequent crew and collaborators and to those new team members who made this a smooth shoot. A special mention for the absolute gem that is 1st AD Micki Colker-Pearlman for being a scheduling ninja and keeping the wheels on the track with a lot to capture on this one.

Production: IAMJACK
Director: Tom Andrews
Producer: Alex Doe
1st AD: Micki Colker-Pearlman
DOP: Adam Prosser
1st AC: Oscar Harrison
2nd AC: Giselle Sohra
Gaffer: Andy Cahill
Spark: Dan Matthews
Kit Rental: VMI
Lighting Rental: Panaluxworld
Jib Op: Mike Drury
Jib Assist: Ben Reason
Jib Assist: Sean Webb

DIT: Penelope Joannidou
Colour: Paul Harrison at Freefolkstudios
Sound: Richard Two
PA: Hannah Vivancos Drury
PA: Joseph Dabbs
HMU: Karishma Zakharia
Costume Design: Nirage Mirage
Costume Assist: Amaka Umunna
Set Design: George Lewin Studio
Set Design Assist: Natasha Middleditch
Set Design Assist: Casta Cullen
Set Design Assist: Aimee Brigg

Set Builder: Joshua Douglas-Warne
Set Builder: Seth Barlow
Set Builder: Rafe Hamilton
Set Builder: Tagore Chayne
Set Builder: Oliver Tindall
Set Builder: Alexander King
Studio: Maryland Studio
Talent: Pets On Set
Talent: Farrah Drabu
Talent: Kate Lawler