Music video behind the scenes film and lighting breakdown – Cheriton, So In Love

December 2, 2020

Here is a music video behind the scenes film and lighting breakdown for Cheriton’s ‘So In Love’. Shot by Alex Fountain and cut by Stef Kopchaliiska, it gives a glimpse at what we got up to making the video and a little insight from Director, Tom Andrews and Cheriton himself.

I have put together a lighting breakdown of the setup for this shoot. We didn’t have a lighting desk or desk op so it was a little challenging to work everything out. This was a one-take video so everything had to be timed really well.

In the end, in order to achieve the three looks playing out across the scenes, we triggered Arri Skypanels, Sumolight and Astera Titan’s wirelessly with an Exalux Controller/iPad combo and the Tungsten fixtures on Dim 2000 dimmers. Ultimately we had our excellent Gaffer, Andy Cahill triggering the Tungsten and Producer, Sam Edwards dialing in the LEDs. It helped that he is a drummer with impeccable timing!

Director, Tom Andrews also wanted the camera to transition from a steady stabilised feel into a handheld feel at the start of the choreographed dance. To achieve this we used the Sony FX9 on the Ronin 2 with a ReadyRig (thanks to AC Alex Pilau for supplying and gimbal-teching) which I operated and then killed the motors myself right at the point of the kiss. This left me operating one-handed as I had one hand on the ronin and one on the camera. We ended the shoot with nine takes in total and I believe the final one you see is number eight.

Special thanks to Alex Fountain for the brilliant behind the scenes video and photography!