Dubai on 35mm with the Nikon L35AF2

August 30, 2018

This summer we had a trip planned to visit family in the Middle East. It was the hottest and dustiest time of year to travel and I didn’t really want to take a fancy camera with me. I also didn’t want to spend our time there seeing the place through an LCD screen so I opted to capture some images of Dubai on 35mm with the Nikon L35AF2.

I got the camera via Ffordes Photographic, a great camera store in the UK where I also sourced my Mamiya RZ67. I wanted something small and pocketable, lightweight and preferably autofocus. I’m not really a fan of point and shoot cameras since I love shooting manually and enjoy the mechanics of SLR’s. That said, after testing the little Nikon and seeing how it rendered colours, the accuracy of the autofocus and that it’s 35mm 2.8 lens was pretty sharp, I felt pretty happy with it for a walk around holiday camera for around a hundred quid.

I won’t go into detail as to the camera’s functions as they are relatively few, lacking the manual asa¬†setting and ability to use hoods and filters found with the original L35AF (you can read about that little gem on Casual Photophile and Japan Camera Hunter.

Here is a sample of images from my time in Dubai. I took old faithful Kodak Portra 400 with me which was great for daytime shooting and just about handled some night time images with some stabilising of the camera. It was in the forties so very little time was spent outside. It was a fantastic trip and was a really good opportunity to put down the phone and camera and just enjoy being there. However when I did want to grab a shot of something the handy Nikon L35AF2 was perfect.