New Work – Music Video for Dutch Criminal Record

August 16, 2018

In this post I’m going to talk about shooting the music video for the title track on Dutch Criminal Records EP, Waiting on the Weekend.

I’d been working with the guys from Dutch Criminal Record for a while shooting stills for press and EP artwork (that’s for another post) when they came to me looking to conceptualise and shoot a music video for Waiting on the Weekend. We had limited time due to the release date being set and my schedule being busy before going out of the country for two weeks. We had to plan the shoot and edit, with any further edits to be complete inside about three weeks.

Once we had the spine of the narrative in order, a young chap seen as a slave to the grind while his friends are out partying, we were able to start planning locations. We were lucky to have access to office space as well as a house with a swimming pool (as seen in the EP artwork). These two locations gave us our establishing scenes in the office, band performance location shot during the day by the pool which was then dressed and lit for the party scenes at night. We needed a bar location to bridge the two locations and to show our character depressed and lonely. The management at The Richmond in Chichester were kind enough to let us use their bar and pool table. We had to shoot our character being pushed into a swimming pool at a house party, yet to come on the shooting schedule. Since we had our actor, Ben, on day one we thought it best to get this out of the way ahead of the complex party scene to come.  We did this with the use of a GoPro.

On day one we shot the office and bar scenes from early evening (after office hours), and once the sun was down, in the bar. On day two we captured the party scenes which had a lot of elements. Firstly there was the b-roll of the party guests which needed to be shown at night and to appear as the sun was rising. This was achieved by shooting at about 10:30/11:00 pm and lighting the gathering from the side of the house with tungsten through diffusion so to motivate the house lights. Once those shots were complete I lit from the opposite side of the set with tungsten gelled to daylight and pushed the exposure up somewhat to give the impression of the morning sun. There is a section where the band are performing briefly at the party which is one of my favourites. Here we had the band playing double time to be slowed down in post which worked pretty well with the dancing extras. Our Character was to exit the party wet from the pool (shot on day one) we sprayed Ben down with water and shot the party exit scenes before it was too cold, late and loud for the neighboring homes. We backlit this shot with just the car headlights belonging to the party extras.

Sidenote – the shots of Ben leaving the party looking at the sunrise were shot earlier in the evening as the sun was setting to offer the light and colours in the sky. At this point with so many scenes shot on different days in a non-linear fashion, it was all quite confusing but we had a comprehensive shot list and we were working with the intention for the edit.

The final scenes captured on day three were the daylight poolside band performance and the underwater singing which was also captured on GoPro – very dificult to sing double time underwater when you can barely hear the playback!

So that’s it, put briefly. Ultimately it was all a bit more complex than that but with limited time and availabilities, the band and myself pulled together a video we were really happy with for a solo shooter situation. We had no crew, assistants or production design so had to be on our toes with all hands on deck for arranging and prepping each location.

Let me know what you think of the video below, have you shot an ambitious video under tight deadlines with little resources? Is there anything else useful to know? Ask in the comments or send me an email.