Kodak Camera Club London Photowalk

March 23, 2018

Last month (February 26th), I went along to the Kodak Camera Club London Photowalk. The free event was announced via twitter and instagram – just turn up and shoot film with some fellow film photographers led by Kodak’s head of video content, Stiv Twigg.

We all congregated at the Cafe Nero on Lancaster Pl, North of Waterloo Bridge and geeked out of cameras and film stocks. There were a variety of great cameras and formats in the group – Nikon F3’s, Mamiya RZ67, Pentax 67, Leica Mini, Yashica TLR and more.

We proceeded over the bridge to the South Bank for about an hour. Personally, I didn’t shoot all that much. It was difficult weather with snow coming in, at times blizzard-like. It was bitingly cold so handling manual cameras for too long was fiddly at best. I ended up for the most part shooting pictures of the other photographers on the walk as there weren’t many people hanging around on such a day.

Our Leader, Stiv, was awesome! Super friendly and came bearing Kodak gifts in the form of Ektachrome patches and Kodak Camera Club pins. Thanks for the swag, Stiv.

The highlight of the walk for me was meeting a great bunch of people, all very talented photographers whom I hadn’t encountered on instagram and the like. After the walk was over we got some lunch and coffee and continued to shoot around the area while talking about our work and got to know each other a little better. It’s pretty great how a shared love of photography and particularly the analogue medium connects people so quickly. You should check these guys out, they’re making great images in a variety of styles…

Ola Allouz, Founder of Foto.UAE
Kushal Gupta
Sadie Bailey representing Teal Magazine
Michael Hobdell
Tom Rice Smith

Here are a few shots from the walk…