New Work – Waitrose Weekend Editorial Portrait

March 16, 2018

Waitrose Weekend, the free in-store paper commissioned me a few weeks ago to photograph an editorial portrait for their ‘My Weekend’ feature. The editorial interviews people from all over the UK about their work life and what they do at the weekend.

I was sent to photograph Oli Greber, an instructor at the Land Rover BAR sailing academy in Portsmouth. Oli is a student at the University of Portsmouth studying Sports and Exercise Science alongside his role at the Ben Ainslie led Academy, supporting young sailors between the ages of 19 and 24.

On the day of the shoot, the weather was pretty typical for a mid-February day bu the coast of England. Wet and windy! Oli was a good sport though and braved the conditions in a wetsuit after borrowing a Land Rover BAR Catamaran from the boat shed. We couldn’t photograph inside given the top-secret developments for the forthcoming Americas Cup in 2020, which Oli is in training for with the hope of being selected for the race team.

We didn’t have long due to Oli’s work commitments so I used a simple setup of one light into a 150cm parabolic diffused umbrella to camera right. The light, boomed on C Stand was held steady by my assistant so as not to take a beating by the wind. It was a relatively straightforward shoot with some time spent in photoshop cleaning up raindrops frozen by the flash and then a colour grade. You can see the finished result chosen by Waitrose here.