New Work – Audible Original, Kermode On Film

February 8, 2018

Last year I was commissioned by Audible to photograph Mark Kermode for a new Audible Original series, Kermode On Film. Having photographed Mark in the past we already had a working relationship so it was an exciting opportunity to work together again and was sure to be a fun shoot given Mark’s excellent sense of humour and good nature.

The shoot took place at the BFI Stephen Street in London where we were allowed to use their screening rooms. It was a great space to work with and although we didn’t have long, going in with a solid look planned and clear direction from Audible’s marketing team meant we were able to get the shots required pretty smoothly.

I used a single strobe into a 150cm parabolic diffused umbrella as my key light, feathered across Mark from camera right. I also had an Arri open face 800-watt tungsten lamp over his left shoulder to add some warmth and drama to the shot. Finally, I had a second strobe at the back of the screening room, snooted, firing through some Atmosphere Aerosol spray to carry the light as if coming from the projection room.

In addition to the hero shot, we also captured an animated closeup with a megaphone and a portrait closeup using the same lighting setup. As an extra option, we inserted a white reflector behind Mark while still seated utilising only the key light for a plain white background headshot.

It was a swift session but a fun challenge to pull all the lighting and prop elements together to make the final image captured mostly in camera except for the flame on the 3D glasses which was added in post for obvious safety reasons.

Thanks to Audible for the opportunity to work on this with them, to Mark for being ever gracious and to Tom Andrews for his excellent assisting on the day.


The copyright of these images belongs to © Adam Prosser, All Rights Reserved and are licensed exclusively to Audible Inc. They must not be reproduced in any way, whatsoever.