Budapest and Prague photographed on 35mm Film

July 27, 2017

Last month we took a trip, the first in three years or so! Since staying in Marrakech and driving across Morocco in 2014, we knew that exploring cities and experiencing the history, people and the personality of a place were important factors for a long overdue getaway. 

Struggling to decide on where to head we settled on beautiful Budapest for a week of spas, wartime history and ruin pubs followed by a bus ride to Prague for a second helping of history, architecture and bridges. Oh, and the walking.

As much as it’s great shooting pictures on holiday I have gotten to really love only taking a 35mm film camera (also my daily carry when not photographing/filming for my job). I packed my Nikon F3T into my Billingham which went with me everywhere for the two weeks. The beauty of this was that with no LCD screen to look at, I lived and experienced the two cities mostly through my eyes and felt very present. No pictures were uploaded to Instagram and no taking and re-taking of shots. Just careful choices, (mainly) considered composition and exposure, click and enjoy the moment.

Here is a selection of frames from both cities shot with Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak TriX 400. Thank you to AG Photo Lab for their excellent development and scanning service, if you need somewhere in the UK that will look after your film, provide high-quality Noritsu scans then check them out…

Budapest, Liberty Bridge, NightPrague