Nikon F3/T from Japan Camera Hunter

July 26, 2016

I recently invested in a beautiful Nikon F3/T from Japan Camera Hunter. I love manual 35mm cameras and have enjoyed a few of them, most recently my Nikon FM and before that the Nikkormat FTN. I really want to be shooting more 35mm and so what better than the legendary F3 in titanium. For those who know the camera, it needs no introduction – some say it is the best 35mm SLR ever made. For the unfamiliar, what you get is engineering awesomeness, an incredible (interchangeable) viewfinder, smooth as silk film advance, aperture priority, exposure compensation and a great meter all wrapped up in a sturdy body. I love this camera.

Bellamy of Japan Camera Hunter certainly knows what to look for. Whilst I could have turned to ebay and possibly paid less, what I received was a camera in superb condition for it’s age and ready to shoot with. The Japanese sources that Bellamy uses when ‘hunting’ cameras must be very conservative when grading as this was listed on the lower end of the condition scale. However, it is almost immaculate – a very clean user camera. It now goes everywhere with me as a daily camera and I’ve given it an Artisan & Artist Made in Japan cloth and leather strap.

The viewfinder’s size and smooth operation make the camera a joy to use and I particularly like the exposure compensation. The camera’s simplicity means that it is technically out of my way, I can simply focus on shooting while reaping the benefits and enjoyment of shooting film. I have included a few frames from my first couple of rolls below which I had processed and scanned by Christian and Erica at Canadian Film Lab.

I really cannot rate this camera and the Japan Camera Hunter service enough.