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May 9, 2016

Last month I was really pleased to be featured on Japan Camera Hunter, the website run by Bellamy Hunt, an expert in sourcing gorgeous cameras in Japan. Bellamy runs a regular submission feature called ‘In Your Bag’. It is a great way for photographers to share information about their equipment and learn about different types of cameras from shooters all over the world. Bellamy gets a LOT of submissions and as such there is a bit of a waiting list to see if you make it on the site. I’d all but forgotten about it until one day checking out the JCH facebook, there was my submission. You can see the feature in it’s entirety here.

In Your Bag has a huge following. As a result it caught the eye the very talented California based photographer and designer Anastasia Petukhova of Asilda Photography. Anastasia designs and manufactures photography lifestyle themed pins and patches, which are awesome, available from Asilda Store. It was through a collaboration with Bellamy that the ‘Featured On Japan Camera Hunter’ Pin came to be. The beautifully made pin is a limited edition of 500 and feels pretty exclusive. As Anastasia says on her store “It is a significant milestone in a life of any photographer to be featured on Japan Camera Hunter. It’s an achievement, a club membership entry of sorts, and definitely a privilege… For all of us who got featured at one point, this pin is a great reminder and a badge of honor.”

Of course, after my feature on JCH, I had to join the club and order my pin. It’s also nice to support makers, creatives and crafts people so I am sure I will be ordering from Asilda Store again in the near future.

If you are looking for your dream camera or an elusive, rare item then do get in touch with Bellamy at JCH; he can almost certainly find what you are looking for. He knows the right camera traders and has a keen eye for quality, a specialist at finding the right camera for the right price. I have a hankering for a Nikon F3 which I shall be looking into with his assistance.

For a little more insight into Anastasia’s work, philosophy and Asilda Store, check out this fantastic short film directed by Matt Mangham, Director Of Photography at Saint West Film Works.


  1. Comment by Andy cowman

    Andy cowman Reply May 10, 2016 at 5:05 am

    Gotta say I’m in full agreement with you here! I was really pleased and honoured to have my bag featured on the japan camera hunter website. I ordered a JCH pin from anastasia and have since ordered a few more the quality and designs are that good.
    Highly recommended!!!

    • Comment by Adam

      Adam Reply May 10, 2016 at 3:02 pm

      Thanks Andy, I checked out your bag feature on JCH. Love the Voigtlander and single malt combo. I should definitely carry my hipflask in the front of the Billingham 😉

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