I’m looking for great songwriters!

January 3, 2016

It’s the first weekend of 2016 and I’ve been going through some of my negatives from the last year. I paused on a few frames of songwriter, Lee Broderick. These weren’t from a shoot we had arranged but were captured in a stolen moment while working on another project together. It would have been great to have shot more, however, I really like the frames we captured. What I like even more is Lee’s debut, the Nobody Panic EP. The record really appeals to my musical sensibilities and upon re-listening has added fuel to my ongoing craving for simply great songwriting, heartfelt stories and captivating melodies.

Lee was born in Liverpool and raised on the likes of Nick Lowe, Roy Orbison & Queen. Having spent his early career touring with artists such as Paolo Nutini, KT Tunstall & Patrick Wolfe, Lee moved to live and work in Nashville for two years. It was in the Tennessee Capital that Lee wrote and recorded the Nobody Panic EP with Jamie Kenney at Lewis Park Recordings. On top of being a well crafted collection of songs, offering a journey with the highs and lows in all the right places, the production is solid.  It really packs a punch in title track ‘Nobody Panic’ and the stomping ‘Loveless Street’, yet knows when to lay back in the piano and string driven ‘It Shouldn’t Be’, featuring Lily Costner, which is achingly beautiful.

For me, it is here, in the ballad’s that really highlight the strength of Lee’s songwriting. With lyrics and melodies that could set the scene for a cinematic tale of love and loss, ‘It Shouldn’t Be’ stands apart in it’s elegant simplicity. Whilst in Nashville, Lee featured as part of LR Baggs’ “Handcrafted Video” series. Although not featured on his EP, ‘Water In My Hands’ really deserves a mention, the video for which can be seen below.

The record has been around for about a year and in such time, now back in the UK, Lee has been touring, supporting the rising star, Leddra Chapman. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from him. If you haven’t heard Lee’s music before definitely check him out.

I’m always looking for Singers and Songwriters with material like Lee’s to listen to. If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments. If you make music yourself then send me links to where I can listen. Photographing artists with a passion for lyrics and stories to tell are what I love most so please get in touch if this sounds like you.