I’m doing my best

Time to get personal. My blog hasn’t been updated in ages so here is a first for a while. For sometime there have been delays in my communications with peers, associates and friends for that matter. This, I can attribute to having the busiest, best, first quarter for my business since taking my photography full […]

Followers of my work will know that I shoot a select amount of wedding per year. Last week, Stylist Magazine asked my thoughts on ‘how to pick your wedding photographer’ for their popular wedding blog. Their questions with my answers are below and you can read the full article here. What’s the most important thing […]

Mark Kermode photograph for the cover of new book, ‘Hatchet Job’ Update

Earlier in the year I posted about how I had shot the cover photograph for Mark Kermode’s forthcoming book, ‘Hatchet Job’. Well the jacket design was recently completed by the talented designers at the books publisher Picador, the Pan Macmillan imprint. Here is the finished cover along with some supporting images from the jacket. If […]

Recently I shot this new image for Tailored Enetertainment, a national UK provider of live entertainment for corporate events, parties and weddings. With music photography being an area I work in a lot, I have been taking pictures of bands for Tailored’s roster for several years now and if you visit you will see […]

As a photographer, illustrator or other creator, it was once the law that a creative works copyright automatically belonged to the author. With the nature of sharing work on the internet via websites, blogs and social media it is increasingly common to find your work being used without permission across the web. A new legislation […]