Promo photography session with Kim Slade

April 4, 2015

Last month I had a really enjoyable promo photography session with Kim Slade. In the run up to Christmas I launched a competition on my Facebook and Twitter for musicians, bands and artists to win a photo-shoot. It was simple, like and share the video featuring the contest and then send me links to music. The response was awesome and i got to listen to a good number of bands and singers that I hadn’t heard before. Kim was the lucky winner after being picked out of the hat (read camera bag) and so we set out to shoot some pictures at Stanmer House and Park on the edge of Brighton and the Sussex Downs.

As it turned out Kim was gearing up for some tour dates in Europe and didn’t have any current promo imagery to use online, posters or EP artwork. This was a great opportunity for Kim to get some photographs together for press and social media as well as making for a great new addition to my portfolio.

We shot a mixture of both digital and film images using a Nikon D750, Nikon FM for 35mm and Rolleiflex for medium format. We started the shoot indoors at Stanmer House which is a beautiful Manor House set in the wonderful Stanmer Park. We lit Kim with some dramatic feathered light using a speedlight and a gridded softbox which was triggered with a pocketwizard.

This dramatic look was nice with a depth and richness to colours but some of Kim’s music has a lighter, organic, acoustic feel to it. We made use of the natural light coming into house as well before heading outside into the grounds which were surrounded by woodland. It was at this point I wanted to try a few frames on medium format with the view that the square format might lend itself to CD artwork in the future.

Kim is a bit of an adventurer and loves to get out into the wilderness whenever he can. Some of his songs are inspired by his travels having been all over Asia in the last few years. As a result of this he is in the midst of developing a new travel concept company called ‘Unknown Epic’ which takes groups of travellers on the routes less travelled. They don’t know where they are going but are safe in the hands of experienced travellers who are old hands at exploring special areas of the world. You can find out more about Unknown Epic here as well as follow them on facebook and twitter.

Given Kim’s outward bound tendencies he couldn’t wait to do some shots in the woodland. We changed his look for these to suit the environment and to give him some variety when he uses the pictures in press. Kim’s next single is called Wanderlust and conjures images of distant lands. You can check out a live performance of the song in the video at the end of this post.

We finished off the shoot by taking a walk down to a village in the grounds of Stanmer where there were some nice wooden clad buildings with lots of texture which made for a great backdrop. For these I shot using Kodak TriX 35mm film with a Nikon FM. We also found a fountain in the gardens of Stanmer House which we used for a more abstract reflection image.

I finished the roll as the low sun provided some nice flare across the landscape silhouetting Kim for the final frames. Kim used these for the artwork of his Limited Edition Tour EP which is currently available at shows in Holland, Germany and France.

You can catch Kim playing in Europe on the following dates…

Eindhoven – 4th April – Alstadt
Hoorn – 5th April – Lakeside Stories
Sneek – 6th April – Private Concert
Amsterdam – 7th April – Private Concert
The Hague – 8th April – Private Concert
Amsterdam – 9th April – Bar Skek

Duisberg – 10th April – Private Concert
Aschaffenberg – 11th April – Jazzkuche

Samoens – 14th April – Slope-Off Festival