Japan Camera Hunter Film Cases

February 5, 2015

I recently ordered a couple of the new 135 and 120 film cases from Japan Camera Hunter, Bellamy Hunt. Today they arrived. Receiving mail from Japan is more exciting than the UK. Fact. You get the anticipation and then, when the package arrives, just look how beautiful it is. None of that boring Royal Mail stuff. I ordered them on the 27th January so at only a little over a week is a pretty good turnaround for specialist items from the far east.

Now, to the cases. Bellamy has spent considerable time and effort perfecting these protective cases. They are based on a classic design which is virtually impossible to find nowadays. Japan Camera Hunter started selling these a few years ago in a larger version which carries 10 rolls of 35mm film. These new cases are half the size and carry five rolls, ideal for a days shooting as opposed to the bulkier storage option. The cases are available in black, red and white and are made from tough, durable plastic which keeps the weather and light out. Super important for protecting rolls both before and after exposure. (It’s worth using a Sharpie to mark your film after shooting if you’re the type to leave the leader out of the canister to avoid re-shooting the roll)

Another nice touch is that the cases are stamped with Japan Camera Hunter and on the 120 version has the Japanese numerals for 1-5 on the top. These really are a neat design and super useful for keeping film organised in your bag. Price-wise they are reasonable too at only approximately £5.60 for the 135 and £6.70 for the 120. Shipping came to about £8.96 to the UK. Given that Bellamy has had to invest in design development and creating the mould for manufacturing these (which isn’t cheap) The cost isn’t bad for a product that has little to no alternatives on the market. Also, it helps to keep the website going and, as Bellamy states, there will be more products on the way in the future.

If you are looking for a bit of surprise in your life you can also order the famous Bikkuri cases. Bikkuri means ‘surprise’ in Japanese and these cases come filled with a selection of film. You won’t know what you are getting until you open the case. The best bit is that it won’t be any old stuff either, as it will be a mix of unusual, hard to find and fun films as well as some of the regular go-to’s you know and love. Some might even soon be out of production, so pretty special stuff.

Cheers, Bellamy, for creating a great product and for the swift delivery.