EP Cover Photography for Joe Wheldon

May 17, 2013

Last autumn I worked on the EP cover photography for Joe Wheldon, a singer songwriter from Worcestershire.
I met Joe at a music marketing workshop run by Open Mic UK’s Future Music Academy. The workshop was designed to give young aspiring musicians an insight into standing out and getting noticed by A&R reps, recording, self promotion, stylng and social media content.

I was there to wax lyrical about the importance of looking as good as you sound. In the social media age, potential fans are liking and commenting on pictures just as much. if not more than clicking play on your latest demo. We talked about consistency in your personal style and how it relates to the music, making sure it looks right on your website, posters, album art etc and that it is replicated on stage. We went on to discuss how important it is to continue that consistency across the social networks. As a band or recording artist that is building a following it is so much easier for potential fans to click follow or like when they recognise the ‘brand’. Using the same great looking profile images and backgrounds on your networks and website is key to developing a strong presence online. In addition, the attendees had the benefit of a presentation from Ross Gautreau, an A&R rep from Polydor Records. Ross has looked after the likes of Ed Sheeran and Lana Del Rey and offered invaluable advice on getting major label attention and backing.

Anyway, back to Joe Wheldon. Joe comes from Bredon, a small Village in Worcestershire and has been growing a loyal local following whilst continuing to write his debut EP. His first musical outing ‘Eyes’ is now complete and is currently on press ready for release on itunes and will be available for hard purchase at the end of this month.

Joe’s voice has a distinctly old English folk sound which is something not heard so much anymore.
Here is a video of him playing ‘People’ which features on the EP…

We wanted to create images that were simple, just Joe in his home territory with an organic feel, taking influence from his natural surroundings. For the shoot, I visited Joe at his home in Bredon, a place he holds dear. We took a long walk up Bredon Hill which is somewhere he goes often, it really is a beautiful place with fantastic views. We were both really pleased with the final images and selected the pictures at the top of the page for the EP artwork with other images being earmarked for the forthcoming album which Joe is now working on.

Joe’s EP ‘Eyes’ will be released on 30th of May.
You can ‘follow’ Joe on Twitter and ‘like’ him on Facebook