Mark Kermode photograph for the cover of new book, ‘Hatchet Job’

May 9, 2013

This week I had the pleasure of shooting the cover photograph for Mark Kermode’s forthcoming book, ‘Hatchet Job’. Having previously been invited by Mark to photograph the cover image for ‘The Good, The Bad and The Multiplex’ (shown above), I was thrilled when he invited me to his home to capture the concept for his new title.

‘Hatchet Job’ is “an angry love letter to the lost legacy of passionate film criticism” and will examine the history of spectacularly savage film criticism through the ages, and ask whether it really is easier not to praise films but to bury them. Have the critics ever really ‘killed’ a film? Can potentially vitriolic reviewers ever be bought off by the film companies? And, in an age in which everyone is a critic thanks to the advent of the internet, what (if anything) distinguishes the ‘professional’ critic from the punter?.

Paul Baggaley, publisher at Picador and Pan Macmillan says of the signing “I am delighted to bring Mark Kermode to Picador. I have admired Mark’s broadcasting and writing for many years and I look forward to working with Mark to bring his writing to even greater numbers of readers. Mark represents everything that Picador looks for in its non-fiction writing: a distinctive and original voice, a provocative and challenging viewpoint and a writer who readers trust. The subjects he has chosen will display his remarkable insight into the film industry, but also many wider cultural issues and he brings to the publications an extraordinary range of devoted fans and publicity opportunities, through his print journalism, TV, radio, podcasts and live shows”

Mark commented: ‘When film posters use Twitter quotes from allegedly ‘real punters’ rather than excerpts from published reviews to advertise a movie, you have to wonder whether the very idea ‘film criticism’ is dead. Hatchet Job is an angry love letter to the lost legacy of passionate film criticism, which asks; ‘Did critics kill the movies, or vice-versa?’

‘Hatchet Job’ will be on shelves this Autumn. In the meantime I will post images from the shoot and of the book cover once the design has been finalised.

You can follow Mark on Twitter and also his video blog Kermode Uncut